About Erie County Right to Life

The mission of Erie County Right to Life is to save lives through education and love. We educate the public about the sacredness of each human life from fertilization to natural death and the need to protect the most vulnerable.

Erie County Right to Life has been educating and promoting Right to Life causes in North-Central Ohio for over a quarter of a century. Its founding members were inspired to form the organization after attending a pro-life rally in Columbus, Ohio in 1988.

Over the next few decades, the organization hosted several large events in the area to bring together Pro-Life speakers and national figures to promote the cause to the people of Erie County and surrounding areas. Erie County Right to Life also releases a monthly newsletter and sponsors a yearly full-page ad in the Sandusky Register.

The organization continues to educate the community about Abortion and Euthenasia and to support local resources for those considering abortion or facing crisis pregnancy situations.

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